A bartender with 9 years of experience named 5 mistakes people make on dates

I have worked as a bartender and in restaurants since I was 16, catering for bars, pubs, restaurants and weddings. Now I’m 25, I will be able to spot the “red flag” during a date.

Business Insider writes that many people go on first dates to pubs and bars, because there is a relaxed atmosphere where you can drink, have a snack and get to know each other better.

The bartender noted that he often sees the deplorable state of dating – people seem to have forgotten what it means to make a good, honest impression.

He named five warning signs on a first date:

  • push to drink alcohol;
  • unappealing outfit;
  • does not split the bill;
  • constantly looks at the phone;
  • ridiculed for the choices they made.

The bartender noted that if a date doesn’t go according to plan and you need help, you can always turn to the establishment’s staff for help.

He assured that the staff is often willing to help and will help in case of such need, so he urges not to be shy, because otherwise you can end up not only in an unpleasant situation, but also in one that is dangerous to your health and life.