Rita Ora

Rita Ora takes bikini selfie after workout swim (photo)

Rita Ora has been working out hard in the gym and it looks like all that hard work is paying off, judging by her latest bikinis selfie the she snapped while posing in the bathroom mirror.

The singer showed off her rock hard abs in the photo, posing in a pattered bikini with her hair down, presumably after getting a quick pump in at the gym and before heading out for an after workout swim.

The striking bikini selfie, taken after what can be assumed as an intense gym session, captures a moment of confidence and self-love. Rita’s choice to share this image resonates with a message of body positivity and embracing one’s efforts in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

The vibrant pattern of the bikini adds a touch of personality to the photo, showcasing Rita’s sense of style even in her workout attire. It’s a testament to the idea that fitness can be a vibrant and enjoyable journey, where one’s personal flair and expression are not left behind.