The Chinese have made a smartphone that can change the color of the back panel

The Chinese company Infinix, which many may not have even heard of,  brought unusual smartphones to CES 2024. Their back panels can change color without consuming power.

According to The Verge, additional screens built using E-Ink technology are installed on the back of the smartphones. Typically, such displays are installed in e-readers.

If desired, the user can change the color of the back cover to any of the available ones. For example, a black and white smartphone can be colored blue, pink, green and red. You can also mix colors – as a result you will have a unique smartphone with your own design

Another interesting feature is the ability to display the time, emoji and some widgets. See what it looks like:

The unique technology is called E-Color Shift. To implement it, Prism 3 electronic ink from the company is used. E-Ink. The back panel of the phone includes exactly 60 individual elements – each of them can change color depending on the time or the user’s mood.

Infinix emphasized that an always-on E-Ink display does not affect the autonomy of the device, since energy is consumed only when the ink color changes. It is not known when such chameleon smartphones will go on sale.

Previously, Samsung introduced an “indestructible” phone that can work without a battery. The new product has an outdated design, but the autonomy and survivability of the device compensate for this.